But not, from inside the Agitate Halation Arch, she returned to her former outbursts dating to the your

But not, from inside the Agitate Halation Arch, she returned to her former outbursts dating to the your

Touma doesn’t believe that she should get out-of possible for this lady measures in past times and carefully thinks she is always to deal with a reasonable demo, but he refuses to enable the lady are savagely killed in title of your Alliance’s fairness. After as partners, he becomes some amicable and you may common towards Othinus, adequate you to definitely she has to help you constantly encourage your one to the woman is a great goodness hence the guy cannot do so. Regarding the novel, Touma and you can Othinus establish an unbreakable thread where they have confidence in both, because mentioned whenever Touma face Silvia and you may Brunhild and in the end as he preserves Othinus.

Ollerus has said that if often Touma otherwise Othinus died inside front side of just one another, many changes could happen, that have Touma altering his nature and you can Othinus are a monster much so much more vicious than what she try prior to.

Mikoto got a beneficial break on Touma for some time however, she realized that she got fell crazy about your near the conclusion this new Acqua of your own Straight back Arch

One of the emails on show, Othinus normally probably meet the requirements since closest to help you Touma, tend to insisting to help you mark and additionally Touma within his pouches shortly after getting shorter, inspite of the chances, providing him recommendations from inside the not just in the latest issues from magic plus showing how much cash she understands Touma’s characteristics Indeed, one another Touma and Othinus by herself keeps referenced escort girl Charleston its dating while the her becoming Touma’s Understander ( ??? , Rikai-sha ? ) .

Misaka Mikoto

Touma basic fulfilled Mikoto whenever she was being harassed from the delinquents and, unaware of her Top 5 character, the guy attempted to save your self the lady. The guy occur to made their crazy, and that lead to this lady frying all of the delinquents by herself. [32] The guy quickly discovers away from his error, plus the initial scene regarding the Index collection the guy tries to save additional delinquents out-of the girl. [33] He genuinely cares for her because the revealed within the Sisters Arch, when he stopped the girl out-of obtaining herself killed and consoled the woman when she cried. Mikoto is one of the first men and women to discover Touma’s memory loss, albeit by accident. [ citation required ]

Since recognizing the girl ideas, Mikoto could have been prepared to get involved with Touma’s life, seeking to help save your during Industry Conflict III and you may choosing your to Their state in the Hawaiian Invasion Arc. When you look at the second experience, she in addition to attempted initiate a connection which have him, no matter if she copied of trying to give him a band she bought. At the conclusion of the fresh Hawaiian Intrusion Arc, Mikoto informed Touma one to she’ll sustain their burdens having him and therefore he is not the only one. Touma are grateful for just what Mikoto said, but the guy thought that he could not let her score covered upwards in his problems. As he returned to Academy Town and that’s quickly involved within the a dangerous situation, she recognized one to Touma can not be held into his measures, and will help him in his efforts even when they were harmful. She makes reference to it as an indication of being a great “an effective lady”. [ citation required ] On the Wonders God Othinus Arch, Mikoto face to the Touma’s ideals in securing Othinus and preserving the latest “perfect community.” Even with his pleas, she will not faith their declare that a scene without him manage delete brand new sins connected to your. Informing Touma to not ever be limited by worthless prices, and you will sustain the weight out-of the lady upcoming and you can six billion individuals. With a grin, Mikoto gives Touma a hug, and you may unexpected situations with your together energy, and work out him cure consciousness. Despite ultimately overcoming Touma during the his video game, Mikoto seems this lady profit was blank.

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